London Real Estate Price Cycle Boom Bust Accurate Prediction Course Launched

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London based real estate advisory Property Sharemarket Economics through its Boom Bust Insider brand has launched its latest online course and subscription service that teaches real estate investors and entrepreneurs how to predict and prepare for the next property cycle.

Boom Bust Insider, the education arm of the Kensington, London based real estate consulting firm Property Sharemarket Economics has launched its latest real estate forecasting and subscription online course program. The new course aims to teach property investors, stock market investors, CEOS, entrepreneurs and business leaders about the boom and bust cycle.

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The newly launched on-demand course is designed to help investors, and interested parties learn about the underlying principles that guide the real estate economic cycle. With the information participants learned, they can confidently predict the next peak and trough in the real-estate market.

Property Sharemarket Economics believes the information it provides can help its clients understand what comes next after the market uncertainty due to the pandemic. Students are also provided with vital resources they need to position themselves ahead of the coming boom to maximize several opportunities.

The course teaches investors how to protect their gains in the bust cycle, ensuring they can come out of the economic downturn unscathed.

Investors are equipped with a proven framework that enables them to forecast accurately when the next peaks and troughs in real estate prices will occur. This allows them to know when is the best time to take a position in the real-estate market or plan their exit.

Participants also learn about the 18.6 years’ real-estate cycle and the scientifically proven factors driving this trend in the property market. In addition, they get exclusive access to real-time economic indicators, market research and timing reports.

The online course is based on the decade long research of world-renowned economics Philip J. Anderson, who accurately predicted the Great Financial Crisis years before it happened.

A satisfied subscriber said: “As a long-term subscriber, I have saved and made many thousands of dollars from the wisdom you have passed on regarding reading the economy and understanding the cycles. I have been able to avoid and in fact, profit from the GFC. Your predictions of moves in the God market have also proved very profitable. Understanding the property cycle has enabled me to make very timely property sales and purchases.”

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