NYC Luxury Kitchen Fixtures Bath Soaker Tubs And Vanities Products Launched

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Luxlley, available at (855-589-5539), has launched luxury kitchen and bath amenities from top brands for homeowners in New York City and the surrounding areas.

Luxlley, a New York City based company, is launching top-of-line kitchen and bath fixtures highlighting 2021 trends to assist homeowners with increasing home values and creating appealing spaces.

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The newly launched 2021 kitchen and bath fixture lines will allow homeowners to create a home environment that not only is stylish but a comfort to live in. These lines include labels like Eagom, Whitehaus, Alfi Brand, Bocchi, Lexora, and more.

Luxury features can substantially improve the appearance of a property, whether it is a forever home or one that is being upgraded to be put on the market. The pandemic period can offer a valuable opportunity to upgrade and be ready for a return to normal living, with kitchen and bath redesign being two popular choices.

It is well known that the first two rooms that many want to see when searching for a new home are the kitchen and bathroom. A desire to have these spaces be stylish and beautiful while also providing great function can make or break a house sale.

Attention to detail matters when decorating a kitchen or bath and Luxlley has coordinated lines that will help homeowners avoid installing a feature that fails to work with the rest of a room’s look.

Beautiful soaker tubs, kitchen fixtures with technology incorporated, unique sinks and vanities, and gorgeous finishes can all be found in the lines Luxlley carries. Two items that are trending for 2021 include the color greige – a color between traditional cool gray and beige, along with weathered nickel, copper, and matte black finishes.

Homeowners who want the option of a shower or tub in the bath will find lovely options from which to choose. Freestanding bathtubs include wood, copper, resin, and claw-foot designs. Shower panels from Vigo are available for the discriminating consumer.

Luxlley has launched curated products that are dynamic, stylish, and inviting. The elevated contemporary style will match the tastes of current homeowners and buyers. Luxlley offers free design consultation, and price matching. Items are very carefully packaged and shipped free of charge and usually within 10 business days.

Interested homeowners can find more details at the above-mentioned website.