How Much Can You Make With 1xbet Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing

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( — February 4, 2021) — The 1xBet bookmaker company is a multi-business venture that encompasses sports betting, slot machines, casino and poker rooms. The company keeps growing and scaling up over the past years while it has been already widely popular.  1xBet sports betting affiliate marketing is one of the operator projects for attracting new customers. 

The partners receive a minimum 15% on Revenue Share and in accordance with the partner’s activity you can get up to 25%. During the first three months a new affiliate gets an incentive from the bookie in the amount of 20% of the share. Later on, it will be reduced to 15% of the net profit from the referred punters, until your traffic becomes massed enough to increase the percentage. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $30, and if you don’t have enough funds for the reporting week, that amount will be transferred to the next week’s period.

You may earn a lot of money on the affiliate program if you work consistently. This means to study the offer of the advertiser, before engaging in advertising and patiently test creatives, traffic sources, looking for the most profitable bundle offer-traffic.

How to become a 1xBet partner

In order to adhere to sports betting affiliate marketing 1xBet, one just needs to simply register on the affiliate program website. Important! This is a separate site. To become an affiliate:

  • on the 1xBet affiliates website, follow the link “Register”;
  • fill in the form: your personal data, email, contact messenger, phone number;
  • traffic source!

Wait until your application is verified. A corresponding notification will be sent to your email. After approval of the request, the user will receive affiliate links and promotional materials. Ideally, you should place links where they are seen by the greatest number of visitors. These are the home page, the navigation bar, and any other areas with the highest traffic/attention. If links are placed in these areas, it is more likely that your visitors will see them and use them to get to 1xBet.

The audience for online casinos is steadily increasing. According to statistics, the scale of the online casino industry is growing all the time. The advantage of the Revenue Share model is large earnings in the long run. Especially if you can bring a gambler who will spend a lot and regularly in the casino. The risk of this payment scheme is that the player can win. Then the casino will incur losses, and therefore, the partner’s balance will become negative as well, which deficit you will have to cover with your future profit.