Southington CT Chiropractic Care Pain Relief Herniated Disc Treatments Launched

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Pion Chiropractic has launched updated chiropractic care and treatments for Southington, CT patients. They offer holistic pain relief and injury management solutions.

Newly updated chiropractor care and services have been launched by Pion Chiropractic in Southington, CT. They specialize in a wide variety of treatments for patients, including back pain, auto injury, disc injury, and more.

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The newly updated services are part of the clinic’s commitment to helping more patients recover from acute or chronic injury, improving their health and wellness, and reducing pain.

Chiropractic services continue increasing in popularity due to effectiveness supported by the latest research, with many professional athletes citing the benefits for recovery and injury prevention.

Now patients throughout Southington and the surrounding areas can get in touch with Pion Chiropractic for specialist treatments and holistic pain relief.

Whether they are dealing with back pain, injury as a result of a car accident, scoliosis, workplace injury, sciatica, headaches, neck pain, herniated discs, or other issues, they are encouraged to get in touch.

The highly trained team offers natural, non-invasive treatments, injury management, pain reduction, disc stress reduction, and other services. For patients dealing with these issues, there is only a limited benefit to taking medication.

Chiropractic care can work in tandem with traditional medicine in order to get the best results for patients. Visiting a chiropractor like the specialists at Pion Chiropractic can help patients to overcome some or even all of their symptoms.

With chiropractic care, the chiropractor will physically adjust the vertebrae in your back with the aim of generating positive benefits without the stress, invasiveness, recovery time, or risk of surgery.

One of the most commonly known benefits of chiropractic care is that it helps with neck and lower back pain. This is important because research suggests that 80% of Americans will experience back pain in their life to the severity that they seek professional care.

Getting in touch with a chiropractor can help to ensure that patients can get back to peak fitness faster.

Chiropractors focus on the spine to improve nervous system function, with the intention of improving your overall health. The spine and the nervous system are the foundation of health in the body. Every cell, tissue, and organ is innervated by the nervous system. Because the spinal cord runs through the spine and the spinal nerves run in between the segments in the spine, spinal alignment has a direct effect on the nervous system that controls everything in the body. Reducing stress on the nervous improves its function and the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself. Come to Pion Chiropractic to reduce your pain and improve your health.

A recent happy patient said: “Dr. Pion provided me with a well-thought-out treatment plan based on the results of a comprehensive medical history review and physical examination. My chronic headaches are now gone, the pain in my hands and wrists from the arthritis is reduced after treatment to those areas, and I continue to get relief from the pain in both my back and neck.”

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