Atlanta GA Afrofuturism Speculative Fiction Comics And Animated Media Launched

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Atlanta,Georgia publishing startup SUBSUME Media has launched speculative fiction trans-media titles from marginalized creators inspired by Afrofuturist storytelling.

SUBSUME Media, an independent trans-media publishing company based in Atlanta, GA, has launched a range of comic book, animation, and video game speculative fiction titles focusing on themes of the Black cultural experience and Afrofuturism.

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By launching the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genre titles, SUBSUME Media aims to help marginalized creators reach a worldwide audience for their work. The publisher uses both traditional media and interactive technology, including virtual reality, to tell culturally relevant stories.

Current and upcoming SUBSUME Media projects include Sorghum & Spear: The Series, a graphic novel fantasy saga and animated series about a group of young African warrior women, and Soul Nebula: The Consulars, a science fiction comic in which an outer space crew confronts the racist past of planet Earth.

Monday Morning Blues features young military brats confronting Lovecraftian monsters, and Villains and Vinyl follows a hip hop artist coming of age in a futuristic version of Atlanta. In Poe/ Writer, a code breaker on Long Island faces a local curse related to Edgar Allan Poe.

The company has also produced an animated short film in collaboration with Adult Swim and a series of science fiction comic books set in the world of the educational augmented reality (AR) game Armadus, which is intended for children in grades 6-8 and follows an engineer trying to return to their home planet. The comics were created in partnership with the game’s mobile app developer Sciberus.

SUBSUME Media was founded by Dedren Snead after his successful work launching several crowdfunded creative projects through Kickstarter. The Atlanta, GA startup began with the goal of inspiring change and supporting Black and African American storytelling.

The company matches emerging marginalized creators with projects and creative teams, providing professional mentorship opportunities and encouraging a collaborative approach to creative work. The company also leads creator workshops and events online and in Atlanta.

A spokesperson for the company said: “What separates SUBSUME Media from everyone else? Our passion and love of comics, film, and television. Tell us we can’t do something, tell us we gotta wait, and we’ll go out there and prove you wrong and do it anyway. We’re not waiting for anyone to give us a chance. We’re taking it and riding every opportunity we create for ourselves and others to the top.”

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