Business Automation Tools Bespoke AI Solutions For Online Efficiency Launched

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A company dedicated to helping businesses reach their full potential has launched a total business solution driven by artificial intelligence in a bid to help companies increase their efficiency.

A company dedicated to helping businesses achieve their full potential by working smarter, not harder, has launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven total business solution designed to improve efficiency by automating manual processes.

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The newly launched portfolio of AI-based tools from ONPASSIVE aims to deliver innovation, value, and maximum efficiency to business owners that have not reached their full potential. More details can be viewed at

While reducing the amount of manual work required including paperwork, ONPASSIVE also aims to enhance the customer experience to increase customer retention.

Brands that want to stand out online or attract new business must focus on customer engagement as part of their business development strategy. ONPASSIVE helps brands to achieve this by utilizing its core AI tools to create an automated personalized experience tailored to each customer.

Additionally, it generates insights and data that are analyzed before being turned into digital initiatives that have the potential to change leads into conversions.

Aside from increasing efficiency across online channels ONPASSIVE aims to help business leaders successfully expand into new markets or reach a broader audience in a bid to increase brand awareness and sales.

This approach can be applied to local, global, online, and offline opportunities. The team behind ONPASSIVE understand global expansion can feel overwhelming, particularly for small or independent businesses.

However, with the implementation of a tailored AI-driven strategy, business owners can easily access new global markets without the cost or time required for traditional offline approaches.

ONPASSIVE can help business owners unlock their optimum autopilot settings for multiple business areas ranging from advertising, marketing, lead generation, recruitment, team building, business opportunities, and more.

A company spokesperson said: “It does not matter if your business is not online, and it definitely does not matter if you are not tech-savvy. We cover your business needs and transform your business to make it malleable, flexible, and a complete online marvel.”

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