5 Benefits of Using Hollow Metal Doors in Commercial Spaces

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(Newswire.net — February 7, 2021) — Are you planning to replace your old commercial building doors or looking for the best doors to install in your new commercial space? If yes, there are plenty of options in the market. However, some of these options may not have the best quality and resilience to vandalism or fire for the utmost protection of your products.

Hollow metal doors have become the most common choice for many modern businesses for good reasons. This article discusses the top 5 benefits of using hollow metal doors in commercial spaces. 

1. Top-notch Security

First, the hollow steel or stainless steel doors are well-versed to have reliable and quality materials. Besides, the door and its frame are typically designed with thicker materials that help provide maximum security against vandalism, strong storms, and winds. What’s more, you will find these remarkable doors bulletproof cores which easily absorbs and disperses impacts. Therefore, they help reduce the chances of breaking, denting, or even cracking, keeping your valuables safe from theft or damage.

2. Excellent Durability

Hollow metal doors or frames are specially crafted to last for a very long period without easily getting damaged. Their incredibly robust materials offer excellent resistance against extreme temperatures, rain, hot or cold, snow, frost, and many other weather conditions. You can be sure to use them, whether on the exterior or interior, and expect no flaws. Plus, these beautiful doors require less maintenance, with nearly zero repairs needed to keep them functional. In other words, they can last for a significant period and still operate or look new for a longer time.

3. Allows for Customization

Another good thing you will have by installing hollow metal doors is their exceptional ability for customization. Their production process is handled in such a way that you can easily find extra operations that will help customize the door to meet your desires. Additionally, the door always comes in regular sizes, styles, and their builds are very diverse. This means that you can find ready-made door models that will give a perfect fit on nearly any building, but still, they give you room for customization as you desire.

4. Visually Appeal Metal

Hollow metal doors can be quite attractive due to their shiny nature. Plus, you will find maintaining that appealing look very easy using a damp cloth to wipe over the metal surface. Interestingly, you can find a vast range of finishes and surface styles available for the hollow metal frame and door. Also, you can decide to paint it with your favorite color that suits your desires and the building’s décor. Therefore, it gives you all the options of adding elegance to your commercial building, making it even more appealing and welcoming to your customers. And this may influence the overall sales and customer number positively.

5. Highly Energy Efficient

Using hollow metal doors in your commercial building may greatly help reduce energy bills. Since they are hollow, the space between the door panels serves as an insulator. You can have a little tweak and enhance the insulation effect by adding polyurethane or polystyrene in the spaces.

More importantly, the insulation type you choose will determine if you want a fire-rated door or not. In other words, polyurethane gives excellent insulation, whereas polystyrene is perfect for use on fire doors.

Final words

The list of benefits one would get by using hollow metal doors is pretty long. Other than the above, you will find them quite straightforward to use with no training or experience needed. Also, they are affordable, and therefore you won’t have to break a bank to buy and install them in your commercial building. There are so many benefits that these unique doors will bring to your enterprise than you ever imagined. Be sure to find one from your desired vendor today and start enjoying these benefits!