Tooth Decay Prevention Alternative Blotting Toothbrushes Dental Report Released

Photo of author has published a new report explaining how Blotting Brushes provide a healthier and more effective approach to cleaning teeth and gums, in turn helping to prevent issues such as cavities, bad breath and gum disease. has released its latest report covering the work conducted by Dr. Joseph Phillips in the 1960s on the dental benefits people can experience from using a Blotting Brush such as those made available by ToothWizards.

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The new report by aims to give people an insight into the ways in which the traditional methods of tooth brushing are more effective as a valuable preventive measure rather than modern-day approach of merely brushing and flossing.

The report also covers how using a Blotting Brush can help remove plaque and other oral debris more effectively than a toothbrush and toothpaste.

At some point in their lives, people experience problems with their teeth and gums. Despite regularly brushing with toothpaste as directed by their dentist, people can suffer from a range of issues such as cavities and bad breath to problems created by receding and bleeding gums.

The report from tells people what their dentist won’t tell them on how this effective time-tested tooth-brushing method helps prevent these issues, the result of which can save people from unnecessary gum surgery, minimise future dental appointments as well as those costly dental bills.

The Blotting Brush, as detailed in the report from, gives people the benefit of understanding how and why Dr. Joseph Phillips developed this method by observing the dental habits of the Masai tribe in Kenya who have strong and healthy teeth.

The tribe used a mustard tree twig with a frayed end to draw plaque away from their teeth, rather than the polishing style of modern tooth brushing which is more cosmetic than effective.

As the report from aims to explain, Dr. Joseph Phillips replicated the Blotting Technique used by the Masai with a toothbrush made of specialist bristles that have been designed to efficiently draw plaque and other oral debris from a user’s teeth and gums using a capillary-like action.

A preventive remedy such as this avoids the often unnecessary remedial measures that modern day dentistry offers.

In addition, the Blotting Brushes can be used by adults and children to prevent common issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath – and it’s better to get children started properly before they develop bad brushing habits that cause difficulties in later life. gives readers the reasons behind their recommendation to use Blotting Brushes that allow them the opportunity to try out this 50-year-old method themselves. They have been making Blotting Brushes available world-wide since 2005, and offer Blotting Brushes in both adult and child-sizes (MiniBlots).

ToothWizards offers free international shipping and a User Guarantee that allows customers to request a refund if they haven’t seen any improvement in their teeth after using their Blotting Brushes.

Since 2005, there have been only two refund requests, both from elderly people with Parkinson’s Disease who had difficulty holding the Blotting Brushes properly.

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