Christian Book Launch: Jesus and Apostle Paul’s Spiritual Teachings on Happiness

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Influential pastor Daniel Fusco has released a new book. Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways To Live The Truly Beautiful Life promises to help individuals see the God-given beauty in life.

Daniel Fusco, a popular pastor and the host of Jesus Is Real Radio and Hillsong Channel’s Real With Daniel Fusco, has released a new spiritual book.

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The recently launched book is titled Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways To Live The Truly Beautiful Life, and is a new release in the Christian spiritual living space. It delivers a message of happiness, hope and joy by combining the influential teachings of Jesus and the apostle Paul.

The book is ideally suited to anyone who is dissatisfied with life and wants to delve into Christian teachings to experience more joy, beauty and happiness everyday. It promises to help those who feel real happiness has eluded them.

As part of the launch, readers will receive nine lessons taken from two of the bible’s most familiar passages that will unlock the secrets of happiness and help individuals see God-given beauty in the world. These lessons promise to help readers live satisfactory lives, find true happiness, and discover solutions for depression and anxiety.

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The book is available to pre-order with bonuses, such as a PDF of the Crazy Happy Challenge, a signed bookplate from Daniel Fusco, and a group zoom video call with Daniel Fusco, depending on which pre-order tier they select.

Individuals can sample the book by reading the first chapter, which is available to read on a complimentary basis on the website. The book is also available to read on Kindle and can be downloaded through Amazon by visiting

Lead pastors Levie and Jenny Lusko say, “Not every day feels crazy happy or truly beautiful, but in this book, Daniel brings an incredible perspective shift that will open eyes and realign steps to see and walk in the truth of life, the way God sees it, is truly beautiful.”

Daniel Fusco is an influential pastor, TV and radio host, and author. He is passionate about helping people live crazy happy lives.

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