Minneapolis Lead Conversion Increase Sales Marketing Expert Services Launched

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Impel Authority has launched new lead conversion services for small businesses. The service includes coaching and e-learning systems that help businesses generate new sales and increase profits.

Impel Authority, a marketing solutions company based in Minnesota and owned and operated by marketing strategist Daron Stenvold has launched new lead conversion services.

With 45 minutes of your time, Daron will find you a minimum of $10,000, or 5% of your annual revenue trapped inside your existing marketing. Results are backed up by their proprietary software with over 497 million weighted algorithmic sequences. They can run your numbers to populate a roadmap that you will use over the next twelve months. After years of research in the small business market, They know for a fact that that there is at least 12% trapped inside insufficient business systems, so finding 5% in your marketing is easy.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting https://impelprofits.com.

The company explains that its newly launched service can help businesses boost their number of leads, increase their sales, and receive greater profits. The service has been created for business owners who are keen to attract new customers and immediately increase their cash flow.

By helping businesses develop their systems and processes, the company states that their service can aid any business owner in tripling their number of leads, doubling their sales, and increasing their annual revenue by $50,000+ in most cases.

The service is delivered in person or over a screen share presentation and via several e-learning methods, including books, video tutorials, group coaching, and an online E-Learning Academy that provide effective marketing strategies that the company says are proven and tested.

As part of the launch, business owners can download or order paper copies of Daron Stenvold’s latest books, “8 Tips to $10,000+: A Marketing Strategist’s Best Kept Secrets,” “Uncovering Hidden Opportunities to Maximize Profits: Top Tips for Small Business Success,” and “Mastering the Digital Marketing Revolution: Industry Secrets to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level.” Inside these books, readers will learn the Keys to Successful Marketing, including the 5 Step Profit Formula, and fully understanding his Conversion Equation to increase their conversions, sales, revenue, and most importantly, Profits. They can get instant complimentary access to his first book along with other educational resources by entering their details on the website.

The service also includes a complimentary training video called The 5 Step Proven Profit Formula For Doubling Your Profits. Interested parties can access the video by visiting https://impelprofits.com/free-training/.

In the E-Learning Academy, individuals will receive coaching on getting more customers without spending revenue on unsuccessful marketing methods, solving lead generation mistakes, and effectively market and expanding their business by offering higher-ticket products and services. All of this without spending any money on marketing.

Impel Authority Marketing Solutions is a Minnesota-based marketing strategy company run by Daron Stenvold that services small businesses across the US. He specializes in small business sales and marketing. His goal is to quickly and effectively help businesses grow by increasing their leads and profits with as little expense as possible. As a Marketing Strategist, he will work with your marketing’s strategic side and help you fill up your sales funnel, helping you with your business leads, conversions, transactions, pricing, and profit.

The company’s services include e-learning systems, books, proprietary software, and business coaching. They have used their resources to help clients around the world.

For more information on the company and the launch of their lead conversion services, visit https://impelbusinessacademy.com/wrong and the URLs above.