Energy Creating Leadership Focused on Having an Impact Book Launched

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A new leadership book has been launched by Charles S Dormer. He helps leaders at all levels to improve their leadership strategies to get better results.

Charles S Dormer has announced the launch of a new book, called “Energize To Impact: Reframe Leadership for Sustainable Success.” He explores how to reframe leadership by showing readers how to energize others and deliver impact.

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Charles S Dormer created his new book to empower leaders to develop their skills and elevate their change efforts. The book is based on becoming a more impactful leader through collaboration rather than authoritarian leadership.

Charles S Dormer founded APEX STP LLC in 2014 with a focus on helping leaders and groups to maximize the speed of their growth journey. The company offers coaching, mentoring, and teaching with an action-oriented approach.

He explains that in today’s fast-moving and uncertain environment, old models of leadership are not as effective. One of the major challenges facing modern leaders is managing complex, virtual networks of employees.

To keep pace with the modern landscape and get the desired results, leaders need to be innovative and agile.

Leaders need to have a clear vision in order to have the most positive impact on their organization and business. Charles emphasizes that the fundamental role of leaders is to create positive energy in others to achieve that vision.

Charles S Dormer states that most people have fundamental needs. They want to do something important and meaningful and be involved in something larger than themselves.

Additionally, they want to be part of a group and be respected by others while having good relationships with them.

The right leadership approach can help people to feel free and in control of their destiny, while also feeling energized to perform at their best.

Charles S Dormer states: “Few people are natural leaders at birth. But almost anyone can become a leader with the right purpose, passion, and the ability to get others to follow their vision. Becoming an effective leader requires a journey of self-discovery. With this book, you can chart the course of your journey.”

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