Pennsylvania Lawyers Launch Devereux Victim Assault Compensation Assistance

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Lawyers at Console and Associates, P.C. in Pennsylvania have announced the launch of lawsuit investigations into allegations of patient abuse at a number of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health facilities.

Pennsylvania law firm, Console and Associates, P.C., is launching lawsuit investigations into reports of patient mistreatment at a number of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health centers. Lawyers in charge of the proceedings are encouraging current or former residents victimized at any of the Devereux Foundation’s treatment facilities to participate in a mass claim that seeks to hold guilty parties accountable, and award financial compensation to those assaulted.

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The launch of Console and Associates’ inquiry comes on the heels of new Pennsylvania state legislation which allows child victims of abuse that occurred after November 2019 the right to pursue civil legal action (a lawsuit) until age 55, and young adults victimized between the ages of 18 and 23 the right to pursue civil legal action until age 30. With the general public largely unaware of recent state law revisions, lawyers at Console and Associates are working to inform Devereux patients victimized while in residence of their right to seek damages.

Lawyers at Console and Associates also point out that survivors of abuse that occurred prior to the November 2019 legislation who missed the old statute of limitations may still have grounds to pursue their claims for justice. Pending Pennsylvania legislation could establish a two-year window of opportunity for claims otherwise barred under the prior statute of limitations.

News of systemic abuse at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health facilities broke in August 2020 when Philadelphia media exposed 41 instances of physical and sexual assault. Citing cases over a span of 25 years where children as young as 12 were victimized, the publication’s article prompted an investigation by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and Community Behavioral Health, and resulted in the removal of 53 children from a number of Devereux centers.

Survivors of physical or sexual abuse at the Devereux Foundation’s residential program, treatment center, group home facility or any one of the organization’s facilities who believe they have grounds to pursue legal action are encouraged to learn more about their rights by contacting Console and Associates. The lawyers at Console and Associates work closely with their network of law firms, claimants and their families to ensure their rights are protected and the maximum possible settlement for physical, emotional, and financial consequences of the abuse is secured. The firm provides free case evaluations by a legal professional to determine if their network of attorneys will be able to assist with the claims.

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