How European Merchant Bank Attracts the Best Talents

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( — February 8, 2021) — The European Merchant Bank is one of the newest complete banking options designed with the latest digital technologies and the best banking practices. It’s the perfect banking option for the digital age, and it employs dozens of financial experts from across Europe.

The only reason why EMBank gained such massive popularity is because of the people behind it. The organization is still looking for new team members who can improve the platform even further. By the looks of it, there is no shortage of applicants who want to become a part of this modern bank designed to help businesses grow and expand to new markets.

The Story Behind EMBank

The European Merchant Bank was established in late 2018 in Lithuania, founded by the serial fintech entrepreneur Ozan Ozerk. It obtained all the necessary licenses from the European Central Bank and has kept attracting new talents and clients ever since. What sets this bank apart from many others is its competent team of experts.

With just two years on the markets, the bank has already gained an impressive reputation across the EU. Privately businesses and other financial institutions from all over the world contact the bank every day looking for financial consulting, loans, and other financial services.

Today, the European Merchant Bank has nearly 50 employees, all of whom were handpicked by the bank’s management team. The organization promotes honesty and integrity, which keeps attracting young talents from all over the world. 

It’s not just another bank. 

It’s a family with a clear goal and impeccable attention to detail. Every achievement they reached was thanks to passion, hard work, and, of course, trust. 

Excellent Opportunity For Self Growth

Young financial experts with good ideas and a deep understanding of the future of finance have a hard time finding a company that values their knowledge. However, since the European Merchant Bank has a different approach to finances and a strict work philosophy, many talented financial experts want to join the team. Dr. Ozan Ozerk, the founder of OpenPayd, shares the same philosophy, and the EMBank was quick to hire him as he understands their vision perfectly.

One quick look at the current European Merchant Bank management team is enough to interest anyone looking to make a successful banking and finance career. The company clearly states that they don’t need people with the greatest CVs or old school bankers. They are looking for young experts who don’t have a problem with thinking outside of the box. The European Merchant Bank is looking for the next generation of fintech artists, and so far, their approach to talent acquisition has done wonders for the company.

The Need for New Banking Solutions

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that international finance systems are reaching their breaking point. The traditional banking practices simply can’t keep up with new technologies, making money transfers and loans very complicated and expensive.

The European Merchant Bank wants to create a better system in tune with the future. Their goal is to provide a single API solution that combines digital banking and the best face-to-face consultancy needed for businesses to grow steadily. In other words, they are looking for new ways for improving existing financial solutions and expanding the offer with new solutions required for the final push to a fully digital ecosystem. 

Such a practice is undoubtedly very attractive to the younger generation of entrepreneurs that understand that changes are taking place. The new financial situation in the world needs a different approach, and all of those who take that for a fact are more than welcome to join the European Merchant Bank team.

High Standards And the Best Banking Practices

Another thing that separates the European Merchant Bank from most traditional banks is its approach. EMBank has set the bar very high. They are always professional, use transparent practices to conduct business, and always go the extra mile to ensure all clients get the best financial solution possible.

The way the European Merchant Bank does business is definitely appealing to the younger generation of financial experts who understand that the current system is fundamentally flawed. These people have the know-how and the vision needed to provide the world with a working banking solution for the future. 

Not only that, but the bank also cares about helping their clients make the right business decisions. While most traditional banks only care about giving out loans and making money, the European Merchant Bank cares about each client’s future. After all, building a successful banking system largely depends on the clientele. If the clients get the benefits they need, the system will grow along with them.

It’s this difference in approach that attracts talents to the European Merchant Bank. The new generation of bankers need a chance to prove that their solutions work, and EMBank is here to help them do that. Everyone involved is working towards a common goal, which is to provide the world with a well-organized digital banking solution that focuses on growth, innovation, and a more straightforward system.

The Future of Banking

Even though the European Merchant Bank is still relatively new on the market, their unique approach to managing finances shows the rest of the world what they can expect in the future. Other banks will soon follow a similar path as the world makes a complete switch from a traditional to a digital ecosystem, and the European Merchant Bank will be ahead of the curve.

The European Merchant Bank is simply a new, unique method of handling finances and improving financial growth. In a few years, the bank will set new standards that will be followed by the rest of the world. 

Young Financial Experts the World Needs

The financial and banking worlds need to change to accommodate the new needs of digital businesses. The managers at the European Merchant Bank know that all too well. That’s why they’re always on the lookout for passionate team members who have the right skills and understand that the world needs a new, superior banking solution for the future.