Vernon BC HVAC Licensed Contractor App Co-Op Boiler Maintenance Repair Launched

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Phyxter, a local licensed and insured contractor-finding co-op app, has launched their premium HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repair and maintenance services in Vernon BC.

Phyxter, a specialist technician co-op app, has recently expanded their top-class HVAC services, offering to connect local customers with pre-screened, experienced, and qualified contractors in Vernon, British Columbia.

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Phyxter is an online platform designed to allow people to browse and hire local HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repair, maintenance, and installation specialists in Vernon BC. Phyxter’s recently updated service allows customers to book consultations and audits on their central heating and cooling systems through their accessible app.

Given the extreme range of temperatures experienced throughout the year in British Columbia, having efficient air conditioning and heating systems are an essential part of living comfortably in the area. Domestic HVAC systems need to be maintained to keep them running optimally and prevent unexpected breakdowns or issues when they are needed.

Phyxter’s newly updated app connects people with a cooperative of local independent contractors, offering a service-focused and quality-guaranteed HVAC repair and maintenance experience. Their team of technicians are highly rated, licensed, insured, offering 24/7 service and support to people in the Vernon area.

In addition to Vernon BC, Phyxter have a network of HVAC specialists in Silver Star Foothills, Lavington, Armstrong, and Lake Country. Specifically, Phyxter’s qualified co-op of technicians can perform all kind of HVAC repair and maintenance jobs, ranging from duct cleaning, blower motor cleaning, and belt changes, to air filter replacement, evaporator, and condenser sanitation.

Phyxter’s technicians aim to ensure proper airflow, allowing systems to efficiently redistribute hot and cold air throughout a building. Moreover, by keeping AC systems clean, they are able to cool homes more effectively during the warm months, while keeping them warm in the winter.

Moreover, maintaining and installing highly efficient boilers can reduce energy bills, in addition to creating safer, more durable, and reliable heating systems in the long term. Every contractor in Phyxter’s specialist cooperative has been pre-screened, is licensed to work in British Columbia, and is insured against damages and accidents.

Through this quality control, local customers know they are only receiving the best HVAC service. In addition to HVAC, Phyxter can also connect app-users with specialists qualified in plumbing, electrical, decoration, renovation, and landscaping services, as well as technicians experienced in repairing and installing smart home technology.

The friendly co-op service is rated 5 stars and is quality controlled to ensure customers receive only the best professional experience from reliable, local specialists.

More information is available at, or by calling +1-855-999-1980.