Montreal QC Cloud-Based Manufacturing Workforce Management Software Launched

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A Montreal, QC-based company has launched a cloud-based tool designed to help manufacturers manage their workforce efficiently across digital channels such as desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

A Montreal, QC-based company that utilizes data to provide its clients with insights into their workforce, productivity, and profitability has launched a new cloud-based tool aimed at manufacturers.

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The newly launched cloud-based software from WorkAxle has been developed with manufacturers in mind. For instance, the tool is collaborative to support those working on projects, as well as being mobile, efficient, flexible, and intelligent.

WorkAxle aims to take the stress out of internal communications and workforce management by enabling managers to track their daily, weekly, and monthly employee-related tasks quickly and efficiently.

This can range from managing shifts, tracking holidays, absences, and employee attendance to processing payroll and helping business owners to communicate with multiple team members simultaneously.

Flexibility is a key feature of WorkAxle’s software as the company understands the demands manufacturers are facing to not only survive but thrive in this new digital revolution. In a bid to be as agile, responsive, and accessible as possible, WorkAxle has ensured its software can be used on a desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the WorkAxle solution, but particularly those who must overcome staffing challenges such as seasonal employees, workforces for large-scale projects as well as on-site and office-based teams.

To overcome these challenges, WorkAxle has created a solution that allows users to create teams made up of employees based on set criteria. There is also the possibility to segment employees by filters such as location, availability, role and more.

Real-time data tracking and analysis means managers and business owners can generate an accurate picture of their project costs, which in turn will make their forecasting easier. It also offers a compliance feature designed to help organizations always remain compliant.

A company spokesperson said: “WorkAxle understands manufacturing works require a great deal of collaboration and coordination, which is why WorkAxle allows you and your staff members to communicate with each other through multiple available channels.”

To find out more or to book a software demonstration, interested parties are encouraged to visit the link provided.