ADA Compliance For Lawsuit Protection Website Development Services Launched

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Digital marketing expert MobileLocalSocialUSA is now offering an updated range of professional ADA compliance audit and web design solutions to businesses in the United States.

MobileLocalSocialUSA, a marketing consultant in Apopka, Florida, announced the launch of an updated range of ADA compliance solutions. The company can monitor ADA compliance to prevent lawsuits against their clients’ websites.

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The newly launched ADA compliance services at MobileLocalSocialUSA aim to help clients protect their businesses against lawsuits and attract new leads and clients.

In recent years, increasingly more ADA-based lawsuits have been filed against retailers, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, museums and doctor’s offices. These lawsuits are based on the fact that most websites and mobile applications are discriminatory against individuals with disabilities.

Businesses without ADA compliant websites risk up to $150k. The American Disabilities Act requires businesses and other public spaces to make accommodations for those with disabilities and provide them with equal opportunities.

To avoid ADA non-compliance risks and ensure that they meet the current web standards for accessible design, all organizations should work with a web accessibility expert like MobileLocalSocialUSA.

The team at MobileLocalSocialUSA can help businesses of all types and sizes make their websites ADA compliant. They will audit each client’s and create a custom web design that is accessible for those with disabilities.

Some of their web design solutions include photo captions and audio descriptions of text for those with visual disabilities, keyboard accessible strategies for those who cannot operate a keyboard, or the Blinks Blocking tool for users who are susceptible to seizures caused by strobing, flickering and flashing effects.

By easing their navigation on their website, businesses will also improve their brand awareness. They will attract new clients and increase their target audience base.

A spokesperson for the company said: “According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, 51 million people in the US aged 15 and older have a disability. By making digital content accessible, your organization can reach more customers, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge over those who don’t include accessibility features.”

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