Aurora CO Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Eyelash Lip Freckle Tattoo Service Launched

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Colorado cosmetic tattoo studio, Painted Lady Pigments, has launched their permanent make-up services for any customers looking for maintenance-free eyebrows.

Aurora-based cosmetic tattoo artist, Painted Lady Pigments, has launched their new permanent eyebrow make-up service.

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The owner, Bren Husher, is offering her cosmetic brow expertise to customers looking for maintenance-free, permanent eyebrow make-up.

Cosmetic tattooing has become more popular as technological advances have allowed for more natural-looking work. The needles used for cosmetic tattooing are very thin, around 0.3mm, allowing for more mobility, finer detailing, and decreasing the amount of pain compared to a standard tattoo. Painted Lady Pigments offer their top-end services for all customers interested in various forms of permanent make-up.

Bren offers three methods of permanent eyebrow: powder brows with an ‘Ombre’ effect, that are darker at the tails and fade in color towards the front of the brow, lasting up to four years; MicroBlading and nano brows, that utilize a hand tool to create realistic hair strokes and last up to a year; and combination brows, which combine the two and last up to three years.

Painted Lady Pigments also offer other types of tattoo make-up. This includes eyelash services such as lash enhancement, tattooing a light, thin line across the lash-line, and permanent eyeliner, a thicker, bolder line to create a fuller look. These tattoos add immediate definition to the eye and last up to four years.

Color can also be added to the lips, helping to enhance and define them without the use of fillers. The lip blush service enhances lip tint and defines the shape, uniquely personalized to suit any customer. The lip liner process involves outlining the border of the lips, to give the impression that they are fuller without cosmetic surgery. These last up to three years.

Faux freckles are also available at Painted Lady Pigments, which are semi-permanent and create fresh and natural-looking freckles on the nose and cheeks. They can be left light, or can be layered for a darker, bolder look to suit the client.

Bren is a double-certified tattoo artist with extensive experience in the tattoo industry.

Satisfied customers have said: “Bren is amazing and very meticulous with her work”, and that the atmosphere was “great, clean and relaxing”.

Interested readers can find out about all of the services offered at Painted Lady Pigments and book a consultation at the above-mentioned website.