Rochester NY 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Best Contactless Payment System Launched

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Grab Customers has launched a contactless payment option tool in Rochester, New York. The method is expected to benefit garage door repair business owners by streamlining their payment transactions.

Grab Customers announced the launch of a contactless payment system intended to facilitate transactions for garage door repair business owners across Rochester, New York.

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The new tool is expected to be particularly beneficial to sector players that offer 24-hour service and assistance in emergencies to clients throughout the city.

Grab Customers is a contactless payment and booking options provider located in Westport, Connecticut. With the new service, the company aims to enable garage door repair businesses to connect and arrange payment with customers more easily and efficiently.

The contactless payment system allows firms to receive payment before dispatch and collect a deposit at the time of mobile booking of their garage door repair service. The full payment is made straight after completion of the job, and the money is transferred directly to the business owner’s account within two business days.

Garage door repair firms using the tool can also view payments in real-time and access multiple reports about their transactions.

The launch of Grab Customers’ tool comes to respond to booming demand for safe, fast, and efficient payment options from customers in various fields. According to a recent survey, 58.5% of Americans would support a business if it offers a contactless payment option and 77% feel likely to tap contactless technology as the more preferred payment method even after the pandemic is over.

The contactless payment solution allows both businesses and customers to avoid face-to-face interaction and provides them with an alternative to in-person transactions. In light of the current difficult situation, the transition to digital payments is key to attracting new customers and keeping businesses afloat.

Garage door repair businesses interested in the tool can schedule a free live demo with the company’s team to find more about the benefits of contactless payment and get an insight into the implementation.

As a bonus for businesses choosing to adopt the contactless solution, Grab Customers will award them with a complimentary press release. The release will be submitted to over 1,400 media outlets, ensuring greater exposure.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.