Luxury Bathroom Kitchen Refurbishment Sinks Faucets Bathtubs Range Launched

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Suppliers of luxury bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories. Luxlley have launched an expanded range of products for those considering bathroom or kitchen refurbishments.

Luxury bathroom and kitchen accessories supplier Luxlley have launched a new range of bathroom and kitchen products for home renovators.

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The recently launched range compliments Luxlley’s already wide range of products, and recognizes an increasing demand for home-improvement projects.

With an increase in housing prices, home remodeling or home improvement has become increasingly popular in recent decades, as homeowners are aiming to secure and improve on their investment rather than relocate.

Home remodeling can range from simple cosmetic improvements, to much larger-scale and more costly refurbishments that include additional structures or redesigned interior layouts. Major refurbishment and remodeling of a building can be very expensive, and many homeowners are seeking more cost-effective means to remodel their home and improve its value.

One of the most cost-effective means of improving a home’s aesthetic appeal is through kitchen and bathroom refurbishment. Luxlley’s expanded range of products offers numerous options that can improve two of the most widely used interior spaces.

Recent surveys have shown that, for new home buyers, appealing kitchens and bathrooms are two of the important aspects considered when viewing a property. Whilst other rooms can be repainted or remodeled to suit the buyers’ taste, bathrooms and kitchens require more significant investment and inconvenience if a new owner wishes to make alterations.

For these reasons, replacing ageing sinks, faucets and bathtubs with newer and more modern design can significantly increase the value of a property. Luxlley’s recently expanded range aims to satisfy a wider scope of tastes and budgets for those looking to refurbish a bathroom and/or kitchen.

The range includes kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets and bathtubs in a variety of styles. The company has also launched a blog service, offering advice and guidance for those wishing to embark on a refurbishment project.

Luxlley offers a complimentary design consultation, and a price-match guarantee for all brands and products contained within the range.

One satisfied customer stated: “Great value! Looks terrific and great quality for the price.”

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