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A new entrepreneurial training program has been launched aimed at ambitious individuals who want to leverage the digital economy so they can enjoy the laptop lifestyle from anywhere.

A new entrepreneurial training course and program has been launched online in a bid to help ambitious individuals leverage the digital economy if they want to embrace the laptop lifestyle.

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The newly launched course focuses on a freelance digital marketing business model and is called the Online Business Builders Challenge.

From signing up it will take participants 15 days to complete the course and learn everything they need to know about running a successful online business from anywhere in the world.

During the 15-day period, attendees will learn about the most popular online products for sales as well as the benefits of niche and growing markets such as healthcare and fitness.

Individuals with little to no business experience may benefit from the course as it is tailored to beginner’s and includes proven methods that are taught step-by-step.

As well as copywriting skills, attendees will learn about lead generation and how it can be leveraged as a marketing tool, proven business models developed for ecommerce and freelance digital marketers, and strategic business planning to ensure the entity is correctly set-up.

It is ideal for those who feel there must be more to life than working a regular nine-to-five, individuals who are considering quitting their job in the pursuit of fulfilment, and digital nomads who want to work on their own terms.

Dave Sharpe developed the course in a bid to illustrate the fact that there is an alternative career route that can be taken. For instance, many college students finish school with thousands of dollars of debt and most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

The internet offers a raft of business opportunities that can be leveraged by many, regardless of their age, status, background, geographical location, or technical knowhow. All they need is an internet connection and the drive to be successful.

A participant said: “I could not be any happier, this is exactly what I wanted to do – I think it is about believing in yourself and taking that risk and not letting others determine your future.”

To find out more or sign up today, interested parties are encouraged to visit the link provided.