Communication Skills Training Acting-Based Public Speaking Program Launched

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A business communication company has created an online course designed to help people improve their communication skills using principles and processes adopted from the world of acting.

A company specializing in communication skills training has launched an online course designed to help individuals improve their public speaking skills, through the use of acting-based principles.

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ADVO Group is offering individuals and organizations the Foundations of Kinection™ online course, a training program designed to help enhance their ability to communicate through methods derived from the performing arts.

According to the company, its methodology can help communicators create greater impact and inspire action as it allows them to connect with other people on a deeper human level.

The Foundations of Kinection™ course features 30 educational videos in three modules that cover fundamental principles, non-verbal and verbal awareness, and more. Lessons are optimized for mobile, so anyone with a smartphone can participate anywhere there’s wifi.

Course participants will learn the importance of being mindful about their language and communication patterns, as well as the challenges that communicators face today in the digital age.

They will also learn about the necessity of an objective in effective public speaking, and why words should be chosen with care and intention. Moreover, the course will explain why opening up and becoming more vulnerable can strengthen connections.

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ADVO Group also aims to set the program apart through its teaching approach, combining different types of videos and content to make the course more engaging.

For busy participants with limited learning time, its micro-coaching sessions deliver short and readily applicable communication and leadership advice. It also makes the learning process more entertaining by combining humor with educational content through its edutainment approach.

Furthermore, the course creators developed a series of strategies called ADVOtools that learners can add to their collection of communication techniques.

The course is part of ADVO Group’s Kinection™ Academy, a series of educational programs that utilize its proprietary methodology. According to the company, two additional courses, Leadership Kinection™ and Kinected™ Presentations, will be released soon.

Yale School of Drama trained actors Greg Derelian and Peter Katona founded ADVO Group with the goal of bringing the beneficial aspects of their performance backgrounds to business communication. Their methodology has been adopted by companies in a number of industries, including healthcare, higher education, hospitality, and more.

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