Business Entrepreneurs Early-Stage Investment Membership Platform Launched

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A platform that brings together investors and business entrepreneurs in a bid to support early-stage businesses has updated its members only events calendar for the year to include a series of webinars.

A membership platform that aims to connect savvy investors and business entrepreneurs with early stage backing opportunities has updated its program of events to include webinars from specialists around the world.

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The newly updated program of events from the Angel Business Club most recently featured a webinar with the chairman of Britannia’s Gold Ltd.

As an exclusive members only event, attendees learnt more about the operations of the company that salvages precious metals from shipwrecks around the world directly from Philip Reid.

Those who join the Angel Business Club receive access to insight webinars from special guests and early-stage investment opportunities that may otherwise be hard to find or inaccessible.

For instance, the club may look for options in companies that are about to be sold or are joining the stock market. While individual members do not get to select the company they invest in, there is a degree of safety through the membership program.

Different levels are available to suit all investor styles and budgets ranging from a starter, executive, pro, or premium option. The latter includes access to all events throughout the year.

A goal of the platform is to democratise private equity in a bid to make investment opportunities accessible for all. It enables new and experienced investors to build a diverse portfolio while offering regular opportunities to learn about both business and finance.

There are short-term options ahead of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and long-term options available to ensure the club supports its broad range of members.

The team behind the platform recognise the fact that many early investors in companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, or even newer start-ups like Tesla have already seen strong returns and this trend is likely to continue.

A spokesperson said: “You are joining a community with many services such as business education, networking, and access to deals not available anywhere else and more.”

“You can learn about business and finance through an active portal of webinars and educational resources,” they added.

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