L-Carnitine May Help You Lose Weight Following Menopause

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(Newswire.net — February 19, 2021) Orlando, FL — Menopause is undeniably a tough phase to go through. According to experts, it makes the end of the reproductive years of a female, and results in physiological and hormonal changes.

It is worth noting that this phase doesn’t suddenly happen for a majority of women, and there are factors like chemotherapy as well as other medical treatments that trigger it.

Perimenopause pertains to the stage before menopause, and it usually lasts for 4 to 8 years. During this stage, there is usually a gradual decline in the levels of estrogen and progesterone levels. When this happens, menstruation starts to get irregular and symptoms start to appear.

These include hot flashes and night sweats as well as vaginal dryness. Menopause, on the other hand, also produces other symptoms like sleeping troubles, reduced libido, vaginal dryness, and mood changes.

Weight management can be challenging following menopause. Researchers have been carrying out research studies to look into the factors influencing weight after this stage.

One study involved the eating behaviors of postmenopausal women in their 50s, and it aimed at identifying the behaviors of women who are able to lose and manage weight. 

It has been found lessened consumption of sugary deserts and drinks topped the list. The subjects also had reduced intake of meats and cheeses and increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables.

According to Bethany Barone Gibbs, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh, researcher, subjects who reduced desserts and sugar sweetened drinks in their diet had more weight loss success.

In this weight loss study, there were 500 overweight and obese postmenopausal women with waist sizes greater than 31.5 inches. The investigators also noted that none of these female subjects had heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes. 

Eating behaviors are vital in weight management, but there are also natural remedies like L-Carnitine found to be helpful. This amino acid is known for its positive effects on weight and menopause.

There have been many research studies suggesting that L-Carnitine helps the body burn fat. This remedy is also widely used in easing symptoms of menopause. 

Various health benefits are actually linked with the use of this remedy. This is why today, it is used widely via supplementation, and this includes formulas like Divine Bounty L-Carnitine.

More and more consumers turn to the use of this supplement for preventive health purposes. It could work wonders in reducing menopause symptoms like hot flashes. 

Divine Bounty L-Carnitine continues to be a popular choice among individuals who are trying to lose weight. It is made in an FDA-inspected facility in the U.S. and it continues to receive more positive reviews from consumers (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XF7K9MM).

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