Madison WI IT Consultancy Backup Assessments Gap Analysis Services Launched

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Major IT consultancy firm IT Strategies Group have launched a backup assessment and analysis offering for businesses in the Madison WI area, providing comprehensive review and mitigation advice for business continuity.

IT Strategies Group, a multi-state IT consultancy with offices across the USA, have launched backup assessments consulting services for businesses in Madison and Milwaukee areas.

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With a main office in Middleton, WI, IT Strategies Group have now expanded their service offerings to provide professional backup assessments, gap analysis and mitigation services to a range of clients.

Backups refer to the copying and storage of data, usually in another location, that can then be used to restore a system after a data-loss event. With ever increasing risks of cyber-related attacks, many businesses are unaware if their backup and recovery plans are adequate for the present day risk environment.

IT Security Group’s newly launched service involves a multi-step process to help businesses accurately define their requirements, identify gaps in existing arrangements, and provide mitigation to help resolve those gaps.

The first step is to establish with executive and board members what requirements the business has in relation to data recovery and business continuity. Once the business’ requirements have been captured, analysts from IT Security Group will review the existing backup environment.

The new service will also advise clients on where their existing backup solution falls short of business requirements, known as a gap analysis. Some gaps may have greater associated risks than others and the analysis will alert businesses to areas that require more urgent attention.

Finally, the service will provide advice to clients on what mitigating actions should be taken to remedy gaps in the existing system. This advice will include a roadmap of actions and new technologies (if any) required.

IT Strategies Group has offices in Madison Wisconsin. They provide IT consultancy services to a broad range of clients that include major Las Vegas Casinos and multi-national corporations.

A major Las Vegas casino stated: “Originally hired ITSG to perform an eight-week assessment of our backup and recovery capabilities. ITSG went above and beyond when we were hit by a major breach the day their engagement was to end. Some of the changes they made on the fly during the assessment were key to our ability to recover. They extended their engagement for 10 months in order to help us recover and re-architect our environment.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website or call 1-608-467-4431.