Popular Ticketing Platform for Concerts and Drive Thru Events Updated for 2021

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Maingate Tickets has launched enhanced features for anyone selling tickets for various events. This one-stop affordable solution only charges a $1 fee per ticket and no commissions.

Maingate Tickets, headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, has upgraded its platform for events in 2021. Promoters and organizers of various events can now offer attendees a $1 fee per ticket regardless of the event’s price. This stands in stark contrast to giants like Ticketmaster and Stubhub that charge commissions and extra fees.

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The launch of a series of upgrades for 2021 has been made possible by the downtime due to the pandemic. As live events begin to be booked across the nation for events like concerts, sporting events, stand up comics, shows, event organizers can now offer a better experience to their customers.

Conferences, sporting events, concerts, plays, movies, and other events that involve a promoter or organizer involve the purchase or acquisition of tickets. The old method of standing in line has been replaced by customers going online and to a cloud-based platform and typically purchasing tickets on a mobile device. Until now, most providers charge commissions and often hidden fees that are passed onto the consumer.

Maingate tickets now offer promoters, venues, and event organizers a platform to offer tickets without the exorbitant fees that competitors like Ticketmaster charge. Someone buying a StubHub ticket for $100 pays a 10% fee, and the seller would pay a 15% fee. This 25% surcharge is passed onto the consumer and causes the tickets to be more expensive. With Maingate Tickets, there is a $1 charge – period.

Upgrades include the ability to sell tickets both in advance and at the door. The platform provides detailed reporting, reserved seating, scanning with mobile devices, and a feature that allows the scanning of an entire group with a single click that streamlines entrance events.

Along with these and several other updated features, the company has added additional staff to a live operator trained to answer questions. For these reasons, the company is now poised to dominate the market with its technological advantage and a superior customer service experience.

A company spokesperson said, “MainGate Tickets allows venues to create event pages, multiple ticket types, unlimited discount promo codes while being able to accept credit cards without them having a dedicated merchant account. MainGate Tickets also provides real-time analysis of ticket sales. This tool allows for real-time adjustment to the number of available tickets, ticket types used, promo codes, discount codes, and BOGO.”

The launch of this platform gives all concerned lowered ticket prices and an excellent customer service experience.

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