London UK Financial Planning Advice Courses For Children And Teens Launched

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A team of UK financial experts and mentors are now offering children and young people an online money management education that can secure them a better financial future.

FUNancial Freedom, the brainchild of two London-based wealth management experts and educators, is now offering membership to an updated online learning platform designed to teach children from 7 to 17 years old how to make smart financial choices.

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The announcement of this new online learning platform coincides with the significant financial downturn that occurred in 2020 due to the global pandemic, and which has continued into 2021.

According to the latest calculations by the World Bank, the global economy shrunk by 4.3% last year and the UK alone is expected to have borrowed £394bn by April this year, the highest figure ever seen outside wartime.

Lamentably, these financial effects will acutely impact the financial futures of today’s children and teenagers.

Moreover, in London, a city where a staggering 28% of people live in poverty and where the cost of living is 15-58% higher than the rest of the UK it is critical to learn good monetary sense from a young age.

As such, FUNancial Freedom has made it their mission to provide the children and young people of London with a meaningful and practical financial education.

Given that the British schooling system often fails to teach a comprehensive financial education to children and teenagers, or does so in a way that bores them, FUNancial Freedom wants to improve young people’s financial literacy in a way that’s actually fun.

FUNancial Freedom’s expanded online platform focuses on real world applications of financial teachings and follows their patented L.E.A.P, four-pronged system.

Firstly, every month the platform will enable its students to LEARN one aspect of money management, EARN money with step-by-step at-home income generation advice, ACCELERATE their earnings through smart savings and investment and finally PLAY, meaning that they will explore truly valuable ways to spend their money.

FUNancial Freedom are currently offering interested families in the London area a 14-day trial to the learning platform for only $1, with no long-term commitments.

FUNancial Freedom was founded by Paul O’Mahoney and Chris Farrell, two financial management executives who have developed a notable reputation as best-selling authors, publishing widely on the topic of financial education for young people. Their corporate mission is to teach children and young people both the benefits that come from financial security as well as the way to achieve this goal.

A spokesperson for the organisation said that they are devoted to creating a constantly updating learning platform that can teach young people to have “Financial Freedom for life.”

Interested parties can access more information by visiting the website above.