St Louis MO Refugee/Immigrant Nonprofit Announces Support Services

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A nonprofit in St. Louis, MO has launched a range of support services aimed at adult and children refugees and immigrants to help foreign-born neighbors escape feelings of displacement and loneliness.

A non-profit organization based in St. Louis, MO has launched a new range of support services designed to help refugees and immigrants avoid feelings of displacement and loneliness. The All Nations team explains their mission is to help immigrants and refugees thrive in their new home.

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The newly launched support services have been created to help the foreign-born population escape feelings of displacement, isolation, and loneliness. More details available at

As well as offering support to adults the team explains they work with refugee children to help them overcome barriers to the full expression of their God-given identities.

The adult development program offers a space for adults to discuss their fears, concerns, and problems, explains the team. They add that coming to a new country can make it harder to set, reach, and achieve set goals, and are committed to helping clients achieve their dreams.

Matt Clark, Executive Pastor of All Nations, said: “If you need to go to college, we will help you prepare and walk you through the application. We will then provide you with a place you can come to study and be encouraged. If you want to work on your English, we will work with you as often as you’d like each week until you have met your goals. Whatever path you choose to forge for yourself, we will walk alongside you from beginning to end as a friend and encourager.”

The youth program aims to give children the tools they need to become the leaders of tomorrow by promoting character development, self-esteem, and perseverance.

Arts and crafts sessions enable children to learn about art as a form of personal expression by exploring the classics to as well as St. Louis’ local artists. In addition, a weeklong summer All Nations Kids Camp incorporates art, music, and recreational activities. The youth program is on temporary hiatus due to COVID concerns, but preparations are underway to restore activities at the beginning of the fall semester.

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