Integrated Business Workflow Communication Social Financial Platform Launched

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A newly updated business workflow and communication tool has been launched by Simplex Financials. Path is a social financial platform that streamlines business operations across sectors.

Path by Simplex Financials has launched an updated platform for clients that want to hit their deadlines and achieve their goals. As part of the platform, they provide clients with all the tools they need to improve communication and use company data to maximize revenue.

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The new social financial platform enables businesses across sectors to improve their workflows and achieve their goals. Path enables clients to connect, collaborate and grow. This is important, with 74% of employees saying they feel as though they’re missing out on company information and news.

Path is a social financial platform that offers cutting-edge functionality with full QuickBooks Online integration. Clients are able to connect and collaborate with financial and non-financial information, allowing them to gain deeper insight into their company’s objectives and goals.

As part of the platform, Simplex Financials has referenced a new case study to show the effectiveness of the service. Flower Factory has experienced rapid growth, and owner Jill found that the quality of their offerings was deteriorating.

One of the complaints from her team was that they couldn’t see the big picture. They also wanted reassurance on how their jobs aligned with the overall company vision.

By utilizing Path, Jill was able to ensure her team was all on the same page. The cutting-edge tool enabled her to get projects back on track and allowed for improved communication across the team.

One of the most useful elements of Path, in this case, was The Bridge feature, because it functions like a social media platform. Furthermore, it requires very little training for the staff.

Path enabled Jill to ensure optimal communication across projects. It also improved collaboration and allowed the team to anticipate problems more effectively.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Before using Path, Jill wasted her time searching for information or talking to each individual about things that needed immediate attention. Her whole approach was reactionary leaving her team confused. After she introduced Path, communication began to flow effortlessly between her and the team.”

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