Award Winning UK Artist Brushes Set Celebrates Six Years

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A handmade high-quality artist brushes set has been launched by Art Supply Central. The set is an addition to the UK store’s collection and aims to provide a brush set with a no-shed guarantee.

Art Supply Central has recently added to its collection of award winning arts and craft supplies. The addition is a 14-piece paintbrush set, and it aims to provide users with no shedding high-quality brushes for their paintings. The brush set also seeks to facilitate acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings.

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The newly launched paintbrush set aims to deliver high-quality precision and comfort to artists. The brushes are made with professional artists in mind. As such, it seeks to provide an expert alternative to cheap, mass-produced brushes.

It also seeks to offer professionals and hobbyists a no-shed guarantee. This guarantee aims to provide artists the long-lasting freedom to express themselves creatively.

The set features seven brushes made of natural bristles for oil paintings and six made of synthetic bristles for acrylic and watercolor paintings. For easy identification, the natural brushes have white beech wood handles, while the synthetic brushes feature brown beech wood handles. The set also features Flat, Round, Fan & Filbert brush types.

The brush set is packaged in a sturdy case that aims to provide protected storage, easy access, and easy transport.

Art Supply Central seeks to provide high-quality brushes to its consumers. As such, each paintbrush is handmade and individually packaged to maintain durability.

The arts and crafts supplier is committed to offering superior, handmade artist brushes at affordable prices. They seek to provide paintbrushes with bristles as soft as sable fitted into aluminum ferrules for easy use.

They have been in operation for six years, and they have had favorable reviews. One satisfied customer had this to say, “These are by far the nicest and best quality brushes I have bought, and given their price that is amazing. The paint holds really nicely and then flows when applied to the paper/canvas leaving a really high-quality finish allowing me to paint exactly how I want without worrying about unwanted smears or marks caused by the bristles…”

Art Supply Central’s overall aim is to equip artists with the tools they need to create beautiful pieces. In addition to the set, they seek to offer customers a free e-book for budding artists and beginners.

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