A Guide for Using Video to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

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(Newswire.net — February 15, 2021) — Video marketing is dubbed one of the most effective marketing channels. Video marketing is no longer in its infancy as it has become an integral part of most brand’s marketing efforts. Videos are useful, and linking engaging videos on landing pages can increase conversion by a whopping 80%. Research has shown increased sharing of videos among mobile video consumers. However, video marketing has proved to be a powerful tool for keeping your target audience engaged. Here are a few things to include in your video marketing strategy to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Include Demos and Tutorials

Marketers can use video marketing to demonstrate how to use their products. Anyone having a question about a product or service you offer can watch your videos before purchasing. For example, a person interested in buying a bike can go online and check out video demos and reviews from popular brands. It will be easier to choose a bike that suits you after comparing features across several brands.

Include Call to Action

Including a call-to-action to videos can draw more people to your social media platforms and website. Marketers can easily use videos to instruct their product consumers to take the desired action. Marketers can also include text that links to their website in their videos to increase their website traffic. Your efforts could be going down the drain if your videos don’t outline the actions that viewers should take after watching your videos. However, adding a call-to-action to a video can spark conversions and keep the target audience engaged.

Showcase Your Personality

Video marketing is an excellent way for marketers to showcase their culture. Clients aren’t interested in watching boring videos. Instead, most video consumers want to watch engaging videos that are full of personality. Videos are an excellent way for a marketer to highlight things that set their brand apart. You could be wasting your time and effort if your videos don’t showcase your personality.

Use Your Videos to Tell Stories

Incorporating engaging stories into videos can spark conversions and engagement. Don’t just use videos for introducing your company’s products, mission, and values. Look for ways to keep the target audience engaged with stories. Include stories about the difference that your company makes in the community and how its products impact clients. Marketers can also use videos to share stories about your brand with the target audience.

Create a Publishing Schedule

Video consumers expect regular updates. Thus, marketers should use their videos as a campaign and should avoid uploading videos at random. Start by developing stories, break them into multiple sessions, and post each as an update either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Determining when to post your videos should be the next step after establishing the content to include in them. Posting videos consistently can encourage viewers to visit your landing page for more videos. Spacing videos out over time can also help lead viewers to exciting announcements and mega product launches.

Use SEO Content to Optimize Your Videos

Google usually indexes its users’ videos, including YouTube videos, to make it easier for viewers to find the intended video whenever they search a particular keyword or brand. Optimizing videos with search engine content creates an opportunity for brands to appear severally in the same search. One way marketers can optimize their video with search engine content can include adding phrases or keywords in their video description. You could also add a call-to-action or shortened link that redirects viewers to your landing page or website. Other tools that online marketers can utilize include YouTube’s tagging features, which enable users to group similar videos and determine their content’s relevance. The feature ensures your video shows up whenever a viewer searches for a video with similar content.