Premium Distilling Equipment and Brewing Equipment Provided

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Specific Mechanical has launched its updated brewing and distilling equipment service in Victoria, British Columbia. It offers handcrafted systems for craft breweries and distilleries.

Specific Mechanical is the premium supplier of commercial brewing and distilling equipment. The company provides handcrafted systems for craft breweries, distilleries, and industrial applications.

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The updated brewing and distilling equipment service uses a consultative approach to ensure each customer is involved in the project and that a custom system is designed. The company listens carefully to ensure that specific requirements are met to satisfy each individual customer’s preferences and needs.

For brewpubs or start-up breweries, Specific Mechanical offers systems in the 5-20 barrel size range. Production systems can also be provided in the 20-100 barrel size range. The company’s production systems utilize SpecBrew automation and this plug and play automated production brewery allows for supply to be scaled-up. Manual production systems can also be utilized.

Specific Mechanical also carries cellar equipment including fermentation vessels and bright beer serving vessels. The company’s tanks have been expertly designed to promote optimal fermentation. Quality is prioritized and careful attention has been given to tank geometry, temperature control and reliable CIP to guarantee the finest finished product. For batch distillation of flavoured liquors, Specific Mechanical also offers high quality pot stills.

The company also offers industrial equipment with custom fabrication. Specific Mechanical can provide stainless steel tanks, essential oil extraction vessels, treatment system tanks, and pressure vessels, which can be equipped with electrical control systems. This equipment can be used for wastewater and water treatment and also in the pharmaceutical as well as oil and gas industries.

Specific Mechanical has more than 35 years of experience building brewing and distilling equipment. The company has built over 1,500 systems for customers around the globe earning it a reputation as an industry leader in the field. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and prides itself on its customer service. All of its staff are friendly, experienced, and highly skilled

For more information about Specific Mechanical visit the website listed above or call 250-652-2111.