Travel Search Engine Flights Hotels Car Hire Booking Platform Launched

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iLikeToTrvl has launched a global travel search engine. The search engine allows customers to search for the most suitable flights, hotels, activities, and car hire in their chosen destination.

iLikeToTrvl, a travel agency that helps individuals book travel and organize vacations around the world on one platform, has launched a travel search engine.

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The company describes its new launch as a 1-Stop Travel Shop and explains that it gives travelers access to a global distribution system in one easy-to-use platform. The platform includes what they explain is an integrated meta search engine for travel.

The search engine is able to filter results from a wide range of different travel providers to display the most suitable options for customers, allowing them to search for global flights, hotels, activities, and car rental in their chosen destination. The site being international of course also serves popular destinations such as Singapore, United States, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom or Australia. More information can be found by visiting

To use the search engine, customers should visit the website where they can enter where they wish to travel to, their travel dates, and the number of people traveling, and select whether they are searching for flights, stays, cars, or activities.

For stays, customers are also able to filter their results by price, the number of stars, board, property amenities, and distance. A range of TripAdvisor ratings and reviews are also displayed for each accommodation option.

Customers will be presented with a filtered list of results from different travel providers with a displayed price. The company explains that the displayed price is what customers pay, there are no extra hidden taxes and the price is not affected by the number of searches carried out on the site. As part of the launch, customers are able to book the most suitable option on the website without being redirected to an external 3rd party provider.

iLikeToTrvl is an international travel agency that provides a search engine for flights, hotels, activities, and car rental around the world. It is their belief that life is short, but the world is wide, so people should travel as often as they can. They provide a simple, straightforward booking platform that enables travelers to arrange all the elements of their trip in one place.

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