FL Cybersecurity Consultant Expert Security For Tax Preparation Launched

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Security Plan preparation services have recently been launched by Cyber Tax Safe. The company seeks to help tax preparation firms in FL and the South East maintain FTC data management compliance.

Cyber Tax Safe has recently updated its consulting services. The updated services aim to provide tax preparation companies with expert Security Plan documentation and implementation. It also seeks to serve companies in Florida and the South East.

For more information visit http://www.cybertaxsafe.com.

The recently updated service seeks to help tax preparation companies maintain compliance. The Federal Trade Commission has a rule that requires financial institutions to document and implement a data Security Plan. Cyber Tax Safe Consultants aim to provide Security Plan preparation and implementation services for institutions in need.

The company aims to document all aspects of the Security Plan. This documentation includes Employee Data Usage Policies, Controls Around Data Privacy, Data Storage, Data Back-Ups, Antivirus, and Patch Management.

A spokesperson for the company explained,” The Federal Trade Commission has mandated all Financial Institutions (Tax Preparers included) to document and implement a Security Plan for their business. If the tax preparer does not do this they risk having their ability to e-file revoked.” The spokesperson also explained that the average time to document the plan is approximately 20 hours.

Cyber Tax Safe Consultants aims to help tax preparers avoid any obstruction to their business. They seek to do so by providing expert Security Plan documentation services in one hour.

The company has implemented SOX, GLBA, NY-DFAS, and other regulatory standards and frameworks for large financial institutions and insurance companies. Additionally, they have 15 years of experience in helping small and mid-size businesses maintain compliance.

Cyber Tax Safe Consultants has helped over 200 tax firms in 2019 get into compliance. They seek to give tax firms more time to develop value-adding services through handling their tedious cybersecurity needs.

Their updated service is an extension of their commitment to helping businesses of all sizes. They also seek to offer their clients Corporate Tax, Data Management, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, and Wholesale Banking services.

Cyber Tax Safe aims to provide services that will enable businesses in the South East to keep their customer data safe.

Interested parties can click on the link above for more information.