Las Cruces New Mexico Apartments Contactless Rental Payment Options Launched

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Apartment owners in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico can now benefit from contactless initial deposit and rental payment options. This service allows both owners and renters to avoid face to face interactions, which is preferable during the current pandemic.

Grab Customers, a contactless payment and booking options provider based in Westport Connecticut, is now offering services to apartment owners in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico. This service allows rental businesses to offer completely remote and immediate payment options for their clients, an easy and fast payment solution.

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Due to the current public health crisis, providing a contactless and remote payment option can be particularly appealing for potential clients, allowing businesses more opportunity to maintain and grow their customer base. Apartment owners in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico are now able to offer this to the rental business clients.

As risk to virus exposure in the current pandemic becomes an increasingly pressing issue, allowing clients a contactless and non face to face payment option is key to maintaining a successful business model. Apartment owners in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico can schedule a free live demo by filling in the appropriate forms at the aforementioned website.

The well-trained staff will provide the highest standard support and solutions to set up a contactless payment system that is easy to use, effective and efficient for clients to use to make first time deposits and reoccurring rental bills.

Grab Customers works intimately with all of its clients to provide a seamless transition to an easy-to-use digital contactless payment methods.

The contactless payment system will allow both apartment owners and potential rental clients to better abide to the current CDC Guidance for Rental Services by minimizing contact between clients and staff members, reducing the risk of exposure to the virus. This system can also save time and effort by providing a simple periodical reoccurring payment option.

Furthermore, Grab Customers will provide Apartment owners in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico a free press release bonus if they implement the contactless payment system to their business. This will be distributed to over 1400 recognized media outlets.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most clients would be happy to pay immediately if an easy option was offered to them”. Grab Customers specifically provides this option.

For more information, interested persons can visit the above mentioned website.