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( — February 18, 2021) Kelvin Grove, QLD — Virtual and cloud phone systems are essentially the same. The key different is that with a virtual phone system, the client is hosting the system on their own server. A growing number of businesses are choosing to lease their owner server space in a data centre to host their business applications on. A cloud system on the other hand uses a shared hosting provided by the phone system provider.

“If a business has already made the move to the cloud with their own server, then hosting their own phone system can be a positive move”, says Greg Eicke the Owner of Phones Now Pty Ltd.

When businesses move to a hosted phone system, they often find that their network can’t handle it. A great internet connection is one thing. However, if the network components like routers and switches as the overall network configuration are done properly, the phone system will be very unreliable, says Greg.

The next barrier that many businesses encounter is a lack of high-level telephony experience. The customer rarely has this experience. Unfortunately, most IT service providers do not have high-level, field-tested telephony experience. Telephony is a highly specialised area. The impacts of getting it wrong are significant. “People get very upset when their business phones don’t work” confirmed Greg.

“We are often asked in to fix problems with hosted phone. Of those, most problems were created by well-meaning IT technicians who lacked the requisite telephony experience”, explained Greg.

“Voice and data now share the same network”, says Greg. They behave differently to each other, and voice has to be given priority, otherwise, the voice quality is dreadful”. “When the IT expert and the telephony expert cooperate with mutual respect, things always work out for the best.”

Greg predicts that more and more businesses will establish their own private server access in the coming years. This will continue to drive the popularity of self-hosting their own telephone system.

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