Studies Warn Inadequate Sleep May Weaken the Body’s Defenses

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( — February 25, 2021) Orlando, FL — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that sleeplessness is a serious public health issue worldwide. 

In the United States, sleep disorders like insomnia are found to affect roughly 40 million individuals annually. 

In 2008, a study was carried out and it found that tow in five individuals who slept less than seven hours in a 24-hour period reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day. Further, almost 5 percent reported nodding off while driving. 

It is important to note that sleep health issues lead in billions of dollars of lost work productivity as well as increased risk of accidents. There are undeniably many undesirable and potentially dangerous consequences of sleep inadequacy. 

In today’s world where the pandemic continues to produce many unprecedented, terrorizing changes, and these give birth to health issues like insomnia. 

It is worth noting that in these times of global health crisis, strengthening the immune system could have life-saving benefits. Inadequate sleep has long been something experts warn against as it wreaks havoc on immune system health.

According to research, individuals who are sleep deprived or do not have adequate sleep tend to be more likely to get sick after virus exposure. It also delays the body’s ability to recover following an illness. The body regulates sleep and has a network of internal clocks that aid in managing the immune system. 

It also works in signaling for it to kick into high gear while you’re asleep. Inadequate sleep deprives the body with the rest it needs to maintain various aspects of health, and these include the body’s defenses.

Aside from sleep inadequacy, it is also worth noting that there are other culprits of poor immunity. These particularly include toxin buildup inside the body. Toxins can be found pretty much everywhere today, such as in water, food, air, and household products.

It is important to note that once toxins accumulate inside the body, it could potentially weaken the body’s defenses. This is why it is vital to take measures in reducing exposure to toxins. 

There are also other ways to stop toxins from wreaking havoc on health and one is to detoxify the body. It is worth noting that in previous studies, body cleansing has been found to significantly help enhance sleep and immunity.

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