Experts Now Reveal The Science-based Tricks To Fighting Anemia In Men

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( — February 25, 2021) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been warning against a common type of anemia called iron deficiency anemia.

According to doctors, this condition is characterized by an inadequacy in the levels of healthy red blood cells, which take care of carrying oxygen to the body’s tissues. 

Iron deficiency can lead to symptoms like exhaustion and shortness of breath. It can also result in skin paleness, chest pain, cold hands and feet, brittle nails, inflammation of the tongue, headache, unusual cravings, and poor appetite.

It is important to be warned that iron deficiency anemia takes place when the body has inadequate iron to produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the part of red blood cells that provides blood its red color. 

Experts further say that it also enables red blood cells to carry oxygenated blood throughout the body. Blood loss is actually one of the common causes of this type of anemia. Blood loss may be due to heavy periods, colon polyp, or peptic ulcer. 

In adequate intake of iron is also another culprit, and this is why experts strongly recommend consuming foods like eggs, meat, and leafy green vegetables. 

Health care providers further warn against problems in the absorption of this nutrient. Iron is usually absorbed from food into the blood stream of the small intestine. 

It is worth being warned against an intestinal disorder called celiac disease, which has been found to affect the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients from digested food. This, according to experts, can result in iron deficiency anemia.

One of the ways to increase iron absorption is to take more vitamin C, which is a widely-studied nutrient found to be extremely helpful in enhancing overall health.

According to a study, intake of 280 mg of vitamin C with breakfast increases the amount of iron absorption daily by almost two-fold. This means that this powerful healing nutrient could work wonders in fighting anemia.

It is worth mentioning that vitamin C has long been a popular subject of many studies and clinical trials. It continues to gain popularity in the scientific community due to its remarkable potentials to fight a range of diseases and disorders.

This amazingly therapeutic vitamin could also fight various diseases and disorders, and this is according to many research studies. It is so important for human health that its deficiency has even been associated with the onset of certain symptoms and even diseases.

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