St Petersburg FL Online Counseling For Anxiety and Trauma

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Florida-based counseling service, Sunshine City Counseling, is offering a free first therapy session for those struggling with their mental health during this time.

Sunshine City Counseling, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, offer’s a free counseling session for new patients struggling with their mental health.

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The company offers counseling to anyone in need and now offers the first session for free so that clients can assess whether the service is right for them without the risk of losing money.

42% of Americans have been to see a counselor at some point in their lives, and 76% of those found it a positive experience. With many people struggling during these unprecedented times, Sunshine City Counseling recognizes the importance of their services more than ever, and are therefore encouraging people to reach out and end the stigma around mental health.

The first session can be booked online and involves filling in some paperwork so that the counselors can get to know their patients before meeting, to make the sessions as time-effective as possible. After the free session, there is no obligation to continue with the therapy.

The company has a diverse team of eight counselors and coaches who specialize in relationships of all kinds and can help treat a variety of mental health struggles, offering couples counseling, individual therapy and child therapy. The group includes anxiety and depression counselors, a postpartum therapist, an addictions therapist, a trauma and EMDR therapist, a couples’ therapist, an LGBTQ counselor and a child and teen therapist.

They offer counseling services, for people who want to focus more on their past and feel vulnerable regarding their current circumstances, and coaching, for those looking to gain some knowledge and skills to break free of negative patterns.

The sessions can be run face-to-face or online so that patients can receive help in the comfort and safety of their own home if they would prefer. The website is easy to navigate and allows patients to match to a therapist based on their therapy type and the issues they would like to address.

Sunshine City’s team have many years of experience working with a wide range of people. They pride themselves on providing clients with actionable tools to deal with their struggles and a sense of knowing who they are.

One satisfied patient said: “counseling with Olivia truly changed my life. She taught me how to create healthy boundaries, manage my anxiety and stress, and learn how to be vulnerable.”

Interested readers can find out more about the services offered by Sunshine City Counseling and book a free session at the above-mentioned website.