Eco Friendly & Plastic Free Cleaning Tokens Launched by Earth Lovers

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Canadian company Earth Lovers has launched cleaning tokens. The tokens are a powerful cleansing agent that provide an eco-friendly alternative to liquid detergents.

Earth Lovers, a Canadian startup that is committed to producing eco-friendly products that are kind to the environment and plastic-free, has launched cleaning tokens. The recently launched cleaning tokens are an eco-friendly alternative to standard laundry detergents and products that typically include plastic packaging and heavy shipping weights.

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The company says that the tokens are a new invention that has been created to help save the planet from unnecessary plastic waste. They explain that plastic waste can take 400 years to degrade.

Instead of a liquid laundry detergent or liquid hand soap that’s housed inside a plastic bottle, the new product is a dry token that is free from packaging. The token is coin-shaped and contains a concentrated dry detergent formula that works like a liquid or gel cleaner without harming the environment.

The Earth Tokens are 100 percent vegan and are made with coconut oil and derivatives. They also contain no chemical preservatives, artificial colors, and are not tested on animals. As a result, the tokens do not produce any waste and do not contribute to pollution.

The tokens have a concentrated formula that works as a cleansing agent. They are able to provide a powerful clean, remove dirt and tough stains. When used in laundry, the tokens also replace fabric conditioner. When used to make liquid hand soap the product is suitable for sensitive skin. How do you use it? As a laundry detergent just toss the LD token into the washer or make a stock solution by dissolving the tokens in hot water and fill into a pump bottle. To make liquid hand soap dissolve the DWL token into 200 ml of hot water and fill in a pump bottle.

The company explains that 20 of their newly launched LD tokens replace three liquid detergent bottles, the equivalent of 40 washes. As a result, they say individuals will be helping to save the planet and lessening their carbon footprint. The compact size of the tokens also ensures they take up less storage in the home compared to conventional detergents.

To use the tokens, individuals are advised to drop the token into their machine and follow the usual steps to complete their laundry. Interested parties can purchase the tokens for $19.99 by visiting the website. (

Earth Lovers is an eco-friendly company that produces products for the home that reduce plastic waste and help to save the planet.

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