Guilford CT Best Life Coach Certified DreamBuilder Mentorship Service Launched

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Courageous Transformation LLC of Guilford, CT has just updated its life coaching service. The firm helps clients discover their life’s purpose, so they can live passion-led lives.

Guilford, CT-based Courageous Transformation LLC announces the launch of its updated life coaching service. This offering allows clients to overcome roadblocks that prevent them from being their true selves and reaching their full potential.

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This upgraded service was launched to help people discover and build their life around their true purpose. The program is headed by Lynn M. Rossi, a DreamBuilder and Life Mastery Institute certified coach.

Recent studies show that Americans have never been more unhappy, with their happiness level dipping to its lowest in 50 years. And with the challenges brought about by the current pandemic, more people are likely to feel discouraged.

Rossi says that when one feels stuck in life, it is the best time to seek a life coach who can help them reframe their mindset. Doing so allows a person to master themselves and strive for their goals, regardless of the challenges they might face.

To help clients successfully fulfill their dream, Rossi’s service takes a holistic approach to life coaching. More specifically, it helps people thrive in the following aspects: time, money, freedom, health, relationships, career, and creative expression.

The lessons taught are meant to help people design a lifestyle that’s aligned with their passions. By doing so, they are able to explore different possibilities and pursue ever-bigger goals.

Rossi provides both short speaking engagements and whole-day seminars where she imparts her expertise. She can also provide one-on-one coaching for individual clients, or develop effective group coaching programs.

Courageous Transformation LLC is a leading life coaching provider that caters to clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Its goal is to help people enjoy passion-led lives that are true to their soul’s calling.

Rossi says: “Dreaming big is an excellent trait, but making big dreams happen is not always easy. Our DreamBuilder program gives people the mindset and tools they need to successfully reach whatever goal they set their mind to.”

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