Cloud Computing Micro Masters Program Online Learning Course Launched

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An online cloud computing program has launched. The MicroMasters program is provided by edX and teaches students how to configure and manage cloud computing systems.

edX, an educational company that provides online learning courses and programs, has launched its UMGC and USMX’s Cloud Computing MicroMasters Program.

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The recently launched course teaches students how to gain expertise in cloud computing, which the company explains is currently one of the most in-demand and useful areas of IT. The company says that more than half of businesses in the United States use cloud computing software, and that number is expected to grow.

The course takes place over 8 months and involves 8 to 10 hours of study per week. Included in the online program are four graduate-level courses led by a team of expert instructors from the University Of Maryland Global Campus and the University System Of Maryland.

The program includes four main courses. These include Cloud Computing for Enterprises, Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Cloud Computing Engineering and Management, and Cloud Computing Security.

Students will have eight weeks to complete each section of the program and will learn how cloud computing can increase business effectiveness, how to manage a cloud computing infrastructure, how to understand the risks involved in cloud computing, and how to understand and mitigate security risks.

As part of the launch, students will also learn about the different cloud computing technologies, Saas, PaaS, LaaS, and other service platforms, how to deploy and configure cloud computing systems, and methods of cloud computing migration.

Upon successful completion of all four courses in the program, students will receive a program certificate. The MicroMasters Program certificate can be used as a stepping stone to an advanced degree and can count as credit towards a master’s degree. Interested parties can enroll in the MicroMasters program by visiting the website. The program is currently available for £778.

edX is a provider of educational programs that has partnered with more than 160 universities across the United States. They provide a wide range of executive educational programs, professional certificates, MicroMasters Programs, Online Masters Degrees, and more.

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