Mantua NJ Lawn Shrub Application Weed Control Fertilizing Services Launched

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Sunset Lawn and Landscape, a lawn care company, launched custom lawn and tree shrub ornamental fertilizing and herbicide application services for clients in Mantua, NJ, and surrounding areas.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape, a leading landscape and lawn care company based in Mantua, NJ, launched its new lawn and tree shrub ornamental application services for clients in South Jersey.

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With the newly announced services, the company aims to help local residents grow a healthy thick lawn and lush ornamentals.

Maintaining a beautiful weed-free lawn is a multi-stage approach. It involves careful watering and mowing, aeration, seeding, weed prevention, and timely fertilization based on the chemical properties of the soil and the time of year.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape offers custom fertilization programs for lawns and tree shrub ornamentals.

After an initial consultation, the company’s horticulture experts will set up an annual plan for the client’s lawn with a custom fertilization and pesticide program based on the time of year and the soil characteristics.

First, the soil is electronically tested for pH balance. Maintaining an optimal pH balance is essential for healthy turf and ornamentals. Based on the results, lawn experts determine whether the lawn and plants require lime or sulfur to regulate the pH balance.

The type of applications depends on the time of year. Fertilizer is applied from early spring to late fall. Insecticides and herbicides are also applied throughout the season, including chemicals for controlling crabgrass, nutsedge, and broadleaf weeds. Deep root tree feeding and granular shrub fertilizer are applied in the spring.

Optional services include de-thatching and aeration, which are important for ensuring that water and all nutrients reach the soil beneath the grass. Seeding is used to thicken the turf and to take care of bald patches.

The company offers a free first application to those clients who sign up for the service early.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in horticulture. The company also offers commercial services, including mowing, ornamental trimming, irrigation, and fall and spring cleanups.

“Sunset Lawn and Landscape pays special attention to the details regarding its products and services,” said a company representative. “To form a long-term relationship, the company provides guaranteed results with free follow-up service calls.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.