Las Vegas Apple Repair iPhone iPad Macbook Watch Expert Service Launched

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A Las Vegas phone repair shop has recently updated its services. The new services from Smart Fix seek to provide expert high-quality repairs to all Apple Devices at affordable prices.

Smart Fix Phone Repair Shop has recently updated its range of services. The new services aim to provide repairs for all iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBooks. They also seek to provide repairs for computers and Samsung Galaxy devices.

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The recently updated services are a part of Smart Fix’s commitment to delivering high-quality repairs. The repair shop has been in operation for twelve years. They seek to repair all models of Apple products using the best techniques.

In addition to basic repairs, Smart Fix aims to offer advanced solutions like IPhone Repair in Las Vegas, Macbook Repair in Las Vegas and even Apple Watch Repair in Las Vegas. These include Micro-Soldering and Glass Only Apple repairs.

Micro-Soldering is a technique used to repair newer phone models. The technique seeks to repair embedded filter-like fuses and IC chips when they short or fail.

A spokesperson for the repair shop explained that these elements could short or fail for various reasons. Some of these include a fall, overcharging, and water damage. They also explained that many repair shops would not have the expertise to do investigative repairing, and this is what separates Smart Fix from its competitors.

The Glass Only Apple repair addresses screen damages. Usually, when a screen cracks, the entire LCD needs to be replaced. The Glass Only repair targets the glass portion of the screen and seeks to make screen repairs affordable.

The repair shop seeks to make it easy for clients to have their broken devices repaired conveniently. As such, Smart Fix has four locations. Three of these locations can be found in Las Vegas, while the fourth is in Henderson, Nevada.

In addition to expert repair services, Smart Fix aims to offer its clients warranties and coupons. These Add-on benefits seek to boost the affordability and value of the services that the repair shop provides.

Smart Fix has received a plethora of favorable reviews. One satisfied customer had this to say, “ I’m so glad I took my phone to Smart fix… my phone fell in the pool and it had water damage and they were able to fix it. My phone is like brand new now… Great service and great prices too! ”

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