Orange CT Professional Hoarding Clean-Up Declutter Compassionate Service Launch

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Bio-One in Orange, Connecticut, announces its updated hoarding clean-up service to include a thorough pre-consultation. The company helps clients around New Haven county.

Bio-One, a hoarding clean-up service in Orange, Connecticut, announces its updated cleaning program for clients in New Haven county. The professional cleaning service works hand-in-hand with clients and their families to ensure a safe environment.

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The upgraded service includes a thorough pre-consultation with the client and their family to assess the hoarding situation and determine the best cleaning service for them. Hoarding is treated as a multi-layered challenge, which is often the result of the client’s emotional well-being as well. Bio-One works with clients to declutter their homes and return them into a habitable environment.

According to the American Psychological Association, around two to six percent of the American population suffers from hoarding disorder. The condition manifests itself in the excessive buying and storing of items that are seen to be valuable by the person but are actually disruptive to everyday life. Left unchecked, hoarding can contribute to poor physical health and make homes a health hazard.

Sufferers of the disorder typically have a difficult time sorting out and removing items. Often, family intervention is involved and a hoarding clean-up service is called to facilitate cleaning.

Bio-One understands this situation and updated its cleaning program to help clients and their families have an easier time with the entire process. Throughout the cleaning, Bio-One consults with the client to remove any anxiety that the hoarding cleaning may trigger. They also explain each step of the cleaning to instill trust in the client.

It is important that hoarding is addressed. Clutter can become a health hazard as they encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, and carbon monoxide. Excessive items also increase the risk of accidental fires and diseases that thrive on dirt.

A satisfied client writes, “We hired Bio-One for a hoarding clean-up in Hamden for an elderly member of our family. They were very thorough with the clean-up and sanitizing of the entire house. It was a very smooth process and we’re happy with the results.”

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