Online Black Owned Business Directory To Support Independent Owners Launched

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A new online directory has been launched aimed at black business owners who want to increase their brand visibility, awareness, and promote their products and services to a wider audience.

A new online directory has been launched in a bid to support black owned businesses and independent owners around the US.

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The newly launched online directory is designed to increase the presence, visibility, and brand awareness of black owned businesses regardless of the physical location, age of the venture, or industry. More details are available at

Brands and company owners who want to showcase their products and services can easily sign up to the platform. The initiative has come from I Love Black owned Businesses (BoB) in a bid to nurture a supportive online community.

Throughout history it has been shown that society is driven by the hard work and support provided by small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Providing a platform to promote local, independent, and family-run black owned companies is one way to create more opportunities, long-term growth, and sustainable enterprises for now and future generations.

As a new initiative, there are options for Friends of BoB (FoB) to pledge their support and be the change they want to see. For instance, although the initial platform launch has been a success, there are further opportunities for development including an App.

Many owners may be unaware of the advantages of utilizing a business directory listing. Aside from increasing a brand’s reach online it can also help a company to improve its reputation, credibility, and ranking on Google.

While in the past a listing in a physical directory may have been useful for sales managers and business owners to have, today it should be considered a digital marketing tool that can enhance any local communications strategy and enable an organization to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

A spokesperson said: “I love BoB is a movement designed to build generational wealth and prosperity for small businesses.”

“Buying from black owned businesses is important for a variety of reasons, but one of the main factors is that it also helps to support black communities,” they added.

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the links provided. Alternatively, more details can be viewed via the platform’s Facebook page at