Polymer-Infused Primers Protective Coating For Roofs Floors Walkways Launched

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An updated range of liquid polymer-infused products, by Prokol Protective Coating USA, are available. The products include thinners, floor coatings, primers, hot sprays, and fire retardants.

Prokol Protective Coating USA has updated its range of products. The company specializes in manufacturing advanced liquid polymers and protective coatings for large scale industrial and commercial roofing as well as residential roofs, floors, and walkways.

Details can be found at https://prokolusa.com

Among the recently updated products available are primers, hot sprays, and topcoats which come under the Rocathaan brand. Floor coating, fire retardants, thinners, and cleaners also make up the list of products manufactured by the company.

There are two types of primers available with Prokol Protective Coating USA: the Rocathaan Primer Uni RW and the Rocathaan Primer Uni. Though similar in names, the two have different properties, in that the former is designed for metal surfaces and the latter can be used on concrete, wood, and other surfaces.

The sole fire retardant exhibited by the company is called the Fireguard Pro 200. It is described as a fast-drying, primer-free membrane that was specifically developed to be highly fire retardant.

Prokol Protective Coating USA’s cleaner, the Prokol Cleaner 605 is ideal for getting rid of grease, dirt, oil, carbon, soot, nicotine, and other stains. This product is easily dissolved in water and contains biodegradable and alkaline components.

In addition to the aforementioned, the company also supplies a range of products that come under the MonoSeal label. According to a spokesperson for Prokol Protective Coating USA, the standard MonoSeal is a pure Polyurea, cold applied, liquid waterproofing membrane that can be applied with a roller, brush, trowel, or squeegee.

A sister product to the MonoSeal is the MonoSeal Vertical Detail. As the name implies, this product is specifically modified for vertical applications whilst still maintaining the standard MonoSeal properties. These properties include 1530% elongation, UV and chemical resistance, and a one hour cure.

Another MonoSeal product, the MonoClear TR is a fast curing, odorless, hydrophobic, solvent-free, self-leveling pure Polyurea coat which can be used clear, colored, or, with special effects. Along with it is the MonoSealant which is used for sealing connecting joints on building materials.

Prokol Protective Coating USA has been a global manufacturer of polymer-infused products for over 30 years. The spokesperson noted that the company’s products are fully recyclable, contain zero VOCs, and are manufactured under green chemistry.

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