Burn Compensation Claims – Important Facts You Need To Know

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(Newswire.net— February 23, 2021) — You are given up to three years to claim for compensation if you have suffered a burn injury. This type of accident can happen anywhere. 

Surprisingly, burn injuries are common for people entering a beauty clinic to ask for leg waxing. Why? Because the hot wax is directly applied to the skin and this could lead to burns.

But you can suffer a burn injury anywhere.

What you need to do

It is important to establish the sequence of events surrounding the accident before seeking compensation for burns. You have a stronger chance of claiming if you can prove that the other party is at fault. 

For example, your employer has the responsibility to protect all employees against potential risks at work. If they have failed to do a complete inspection of machinery and other chemicals used at work, this could be a safety hazard.

Burns could also happen during road accidents. Sometimes, vehicles involved could end up on fire after the collision. It is important to establish who is at fault for the collision before compensation for burns can be considered. However, even if it is not clear who is responsible for the accident, a claim can still be made. 

How much can be claimed?

The amount that can be potentially received depends on the type of burn injury and its effect on the life of the claimant. The appropriate medical diagnosis could help in determining how much the compensation will be.

Other factors could be taken into consideration when calculating compensation. These include:

  • wages lost or loss of potential future wages
  • travel costs
  • medical expenses
  • purchase of assistive technology
  • legal fees

Get expert help

You can go to court to sue the other party or you may also settle out of court. Just remember that if you decide to settle, you need a legal expert on your side. Sometimes, the initial compensation figures can be misleading, and you might end up settling for an amount that is way lower than what you deserve and can receive if you stand your ground. 

Your legal adviser can determine if your case is worth pursuing. And when you have a lawyer helping you, it won’t be easy to fool you. The terms could be improved until they are more favourable for you. Just be careful not to overvalue your claim or else you might be counter-sued for making money out of the situation.

The priority should be to claim enough money to cover any medical costs and the amount that you have lost because you are not working, or for other reasons.

It is not easy going through the claims process if you are filing an accident at work claim. But you should stick it out to receive just compensation. Rest assured, with quality legal representation on your side, it will be easier for you to go through the entire process and you will be less stressed out by the whole experience.