Malvern VIC Stress Counselling Anxiety Therapy Expert Services Launched

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Mindful Counselling Australia has launched updated services for residents of Malvern, Victoria seeking professional support to better manage their emotions and deal with life transitions.

Mindful Counselling Australia has updated its services for people across Malvern, Victoria who feel stressed, anxious, or experience other personal issues. The company now provides counselling sessions using a mindfulness-based approach to help individuals better cope with emotions through a time of change.

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The updated service is intended to support Malvern residents struggling with emotional and psychological trauma caused by a distressing event or those experiencing grief and bereavement due to the loss of a loved one.

Mindful Counselling Australia also offers counselling support for women who have suffered domestic or sexual violence or are at risk of abuse or threats. It also works with victims of family violence to limit the impact of the trauma and help them move forward in their lives.

Mindful Counselling Australia is headed by Asha Padisetti, who holds a Master’s degree in Human Services and Counseling and a Level 3 Member Certificate from the Australian Counselling Association. Asha uses a person-centered approach based on empathy and compassion to help people resolve their problems more effectively.

Asha is also a mindfulness meditation practitioner and is currently working to acquire a certificate in mediation teaching. Recently, she started trials of virtual reality therapy applications to treat mental health issues.

Malvern residents can contact Asha if they struggle with a social anxiety disorder to enable them to build confidence and learn how to manage the situations that aggravate these symptoms. People can also make an appointment for a session if they consider themselves victims of bullying and harassment at their workplace.

Asha also provides counselling services to students facing difficulties in coping with pressure before an important exam. The specialist offers support to children refusing to attend school by identifying the reasons that have caused this behaviour and helping to prevent further difficulties.

Mindful Counselling Australia has experience in working with people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They also offer behavioural therapy services to help parents and children across Malvern cope with a range of problems, including depression, alcohol and drug use, and eating disorders.

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