How Tethered Drones Can Be Used In Surveillance Situations

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( — February 24, 2021) —

Keeping tabs on projects, transport vehicles, and even the overall security of any premise or residence has never been easier with the introduction of drones. These unmanned aircraft come in different shapes and sizes with numerous applications, not just surveillance.

However, not all drones perform the same functions. There are different types of drones designed to perform different functions. Some are useful in military warfare, while others are used in the entertainment industry.

A tethered drone system has a permanently fixed link, usually by a cable or a flexible wire. The cable is designed to provide the drone with power as well as relay data to a UAV. These drones are mostly used within fixed ranges due to their tethered feature. They are also the best option in locations requiring endurance, something the free flight drones cannot provide.

Most drones are made of light reinforced synthetic material for strength and are copper plated for power conduction. They are fitted with optical fiber for an end to end data transmission. With an ability to offer a few hundred meters of flight distance, tethered drones can be used for various surveillance situations, including weather and construction sights.

One advantage that the tethered drone has over its peers is an unlimited amount of power source, allowing it to stay in its allocated orbit for longer hours constantly providing surveillance data. Free flight drones are usually limited to a few hours of flight power before having to return to recharge. To effectively use tethered drones for surveillance, here are a few tips you may want to consider.

Using Tethered Drones for Surveillance


They are portable and can be used even in hostile territories. They do not need any special training to operate. With secured data transmission, they allow security forces to gain knowledge of the surrounding area before breaching the perimeter.

With an unlimited power source, the drone can stay on the air for longer periods allowing the security personnel to continue surveillance in real-time. They are fitted with a high-performance camera that enables the operators to locate and map out their strategy from an aerial view perspective. With a micro-tether, the tethered drone allows secure transfer of data without the risk of hacking or jamming the signal.

News Gathering

When gathering information for your newsroom, especially for investigative journalism, the tethered drone can always come in handy. Broadcasting news highly depends on capturing the correct details at the right time for your viewers. Tethered drones offer an advantage as you can maintain the drone at specific angles to provide you with the best images. Sports bloggers and entertainment reporters can also use these drones to capture events where there are large crowds.


They can be used in telecommunication as temporary network towers in areas where there is poor reception, especially for people in dense vegetation or out in desert regions. With a high-speed data transfer, these drones provide the best medium to relay information.

Unlimited flight from a ground power supply makes it the best option when setting up a temporary network for operations that require extended hours while relaying vital information. This is an affordable and efficient way to set up a communication network when conducting surveillance in a region.

Tethered drones are basically designed for field excursions due to their reinforced build and portability. Its high-speed, secure data transfer makes it perfect for a temporary network for more persistent aerial surveillance.

Traffic Surveillance

Several traffic violations go unrecorded due to blind spots in specific areas of the road that street cameras cannot capture. However, with these tethered drones, the authorities have a lot to smile about. With increased traffic, authorities need a solution to cover a wider scope.

Tethered drones are fitted with a high-quality camera that can cover a wider area. From an aerial view, these drones can provide persistent real-time feeds for analysis of the traffic. This information is important to transport authorities and other stakeholders in planning for the future of the transport sector.

These drones can be easily deployed at specific locations allowing easy traffic monitoring. Their extended presence in the air allows for efficient monitoring of traffic trajectory while covering a wider scope. They can also be used to locate a vehicle that commits traffic violations.

Emergency Response

In the event of an accident, to effectively respond to the situation, you need enough information to work with. Tethered drones can provide an image covering a wide scope. These images can be used in the decision-making process. In the event of an attack from assailants, these drones allow security personnel to gather information on real-time situations.

With a rising height of up to 100 meters, the drone can provide the users with information covering a wide scope, information that helps them to strategies. The constant power supply allows them to endure long flight hours, relaying information needed on the situation both day and night.

Humanitarian Needs

Tethered drones have more endurance compared to other types of drones. This makes them the best option when collecting information needed in harsh weather conditions. They can be used by emergency responders in areas greatly affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

They are perfect for carrying out risk assessments while also mapping out the safe routes to be followed during the rescue process. Their light and compact nature make them easy to operate by one person and can be used even in the most hostile environments.

Where to buy tethered drones? 

What you might be asking yourself is where to buy tethered drones. Despite the rules regarding ownership and use of drones, it is not as difficult to own one. It would help if you got the necessary permits and licensing to own and operate a drone, either for commercial reasons or personal reasons. You can always find a good deal on online platforms, but you may as well walk around the tech stores to find the brand for your needs.