Fitbit vs. Garmin Fitness Smart Watches: Which is Best?

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( — February 24, 2021) —

Fitness is big, technology is big, and lately it seems the two go hand in hand. There are countless devices on the market that can be used to help you achieve your fitness goals.


But which fitness technology device is right for you?


In this article we will look at the Fitbit and the Garmin Fitness Smart Watch, so you can determine which is best suited when it comes to helping you stay in shape.




A Fitbit is essentially a step tracker. It can be worn as a watch or it can be clipped on to your clothing. It can also synch up to an app.


You can use the product to help reach your fitness goals. For instance, if you want to walk 1,000 steps a day, you can set it for that goal, and it will keep track of how you’re doing. It will also give you information on calories burned and distance walked.


Depending on the model Fitbit you get, it may also provide additional features like:

·  Sleep tracking

·  Heart rate

·  GPS tracking

·  Music storage

·  Call & text notifications

·  Menstrual health

·  Automatic activity recognition


Garmin Fitness Smart Watch


Garmin is a brand that manufactures a variety of smartwatches that are designed for a variety of fitness goals. Their line includes 30 different watches and as you move up in price, you will get different features and sensors.


You will also have the opportunity to pick a watch best suited to your fitness goals. There are watches made for runners, for swimmers, for triathletes, for outdoor adventurers, and the list goes on.


All Garmin watches offer fitness features that include heart rate and sleep monitoring, motivational fitness tracking, stress monitoring, guided breathing exercises and women’s health tracking and a body battery monitor.


If you spend more on the Garmin, you may also get access to features like sports tracking, which is great for runners and cyclists, and sports profiles with activity specific metrics which are ideal for outdoor adventurists.


What Else Can You Add to Your Fitness Routine?


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If your fitness routine is important to you, you’ll want to have the right tools by your side. The Garmin Fitness Smartwatch and the Fitbit will both help you achieve your goals and keep track of your progress. Which do you think is right for you?